Sunday, May 06, 2007

Right. So where have I been the last little while? Mostly making things go alongside these fine folks:

My Job: The Core Four

That be Raymond, our very own Justin Liu, and Tran--the ones who've seen the lion's share of my last four months. The days and evenings have been full: the system I wrote to track patient visits and log issues for the Toronto Western Hospital pharmacy went live at the beginning of March. This meant my going on-call for four weeks and fielding an email or two (thousand) to make sure everything worked and everyone knew what was going on. I hope we still do.

But that's only half the story. Now that two more hospitals are interested in making our system work for them (meaning another round of design, modification, and, well, homework), it seems I have a few more emails yet to answer. And so it is that my manager pulled me aside earlier this week and offered me a full-time position. Even better, after mulling things over, I believe I'm going to accept. Fact is, it's a great job, and the people I'm working with are both passionate and fun to be around. Little nutty though.

Working at UHN

Now, that's not to say life has been all work. Closer than I'd like maybe at times, but since I posted here last I've seen three provinces, a couple states, and lots of good people. I mean, with hooligans like these on the loose

les amigos trois

you're bound to end up driving through Pennsylvania in the middle of the night dressed up like a cowboy and looking for a barn dance. And finding one. And a break-dancing inflatable cow. Not that evidence exists.

Plus, we're looking at 24 degrees Celsius this week, which might even be warm in Fahrenheit. With one eye on the used-bike market and the other on my vacation days, I might just be able to start crossing off some of my Toronto to-dos: do my laundry, bike the Don Valley, visit Waterloo...


Rohit said...

Haha! The inflatable cow doing cartwheels was awesome.

daif said...

Soccer on tuesdays, man.

julia said...

Wait a sec... I'm getting a 'small world' moment looking at your pics... I'll tell you later, when I next see 'ya (WHEN???? Geez Louise!)