Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Good times all around. A few hours to Vilnius, a few hours to Frankfurt, a few hours to Toronto, and suddenly Grandma's putting thirds on my plate and I'm waking up at five in the morning to plan my next lesson. Except it is suddenly, blissfully, already done. All of them. For months.

It's a good feeling :)

So instead I'm just easing back into the familiar. Have to find a job, a house, and a charcoal BBQ grill (mmm... all-beef patties) somewhere in the next two weeks, but it's all good. True to rumour, I found myself surprised by little things on the return: the guy wearing a cowboy hat, the guy wearing socks 'n Birkenstocks, the lady behind the service desk who smiled and spoke English... habits and pieces of a former life in a new light. But with the rest, relaxation, and dangerously high, no, MENNONITE levels of food going on, things feel pretty wonderful. Rejuvanating, really.

I'll get things sorted out in a bit, i.e. internet access and pictures, but until then, yup, I'm safe, yes, I really do miss everyone, and sure enough, saltibarsciai would taste so amazingly good right now. Course, I also don't have to clamp a ticket or make up some sort of pantomime (or butcher a third language) in order to russle up a bit of supper due to the vacant fridge. And today, that's O.K.

So I'll be back around here in a bit. Hope spring is finding you well, and that the switch to new stuff etcetera--should you be finding yourself in such a situation--is going swimmingly.