Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Right. So I'm in California. It's great. Really. Sand and stuff. Water too. Joel's also here. He says hi. So does Charlotte. But I'm off for strawberry pie. Long drive back you know.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Jon and I are back from the K Dot. Signing the lease only took two hours of line by line emphasis and repetition. Whew. And if we *step* out of line? "I will pursue devious yet legal means to break your concentration and affect your grades". Ah well, here's to the next stage.

Behold the fruits of our labours, including like, 48 million hours of driving:

Our new house is on the right.
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Our living room.
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Our Kitchen.
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Thursday, August 05, 2004

well, first off, congratulations to Steiny and Megan, who trumped my long weekend adventures by getting engaged. second off, I had a great time despite less engagement, heading up to the Bruce Pennisula with Charlotte, Caleb, Christa, and Jocelyn. third off, EVERYONE keeps planning evening things... must find ways to bottle sleep and take surreptitious shots on the truck between deliveries. life is moving quickly. little time to smell the roses, let alone write about smelling. them. although I need a shower too.

also, Charlotte is job shadowing today! boss Frank and buddy James were both unable to back me up this week, so trusty Charlotte flew (read: drove) to the rescue. best of all, I wasn't the only one lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling when work ended, the ride home ended, and the crash began. ah, the crash. I feel like I'm blogging under the influence. of fatigue.

but things are good. still trying to get to Vancouver before August ends: hoping to meet up with Amanda (poste) and see the old Winnipeg once or twice more before I enter the maelstrom (read: grad work). Toronto Driveway fell through, but still has the magic to pull through... here's hoping. Charlotte (of course?) wants to hitch-hike the whole way. heck. why not.

hope you all are feeling well. I don't envy you your desk. but you probably don't envy me my floor. I guess they're both just places where we sleep. unintentionally.

anyways, best of weather over your noggin' and lack of ruts before your wagon,